Andrej Kiska, president of Slovak Republic, visited the Jessenius Faculty of Medicine in Martin on 23rd of June 2016. Faculty, which more than half of students are foreigners, is good example,
that prestigious and high-quality school can be outside Bratislava. Andrej Kiska also viewed the
laboratories of Martins center for biomedicine, which aims to support research in neuroscience, Oncology, Molecular Medicine and Respirology.
“I am delighted that Slovak President praised high quality of medical education in our Jessenius
Faculty of Medicine, excellent conditions for scientific-research activities valuations and remuneration and spreading strong reputation of Slovakia abroad, “said Dean of JFM of Commenius University prof. MD. Ján Danko, MD, PhD.
In addition to visiting Jessenius Faculty of Medicine, president also visited the Slovak National Library, Gymnasium Viliam Pauliny-Toth and Martin’s National Cemetery.