8 tips from medical student: how to pass medical studies?

There are plenty of students, who are completely overwhelmed after finding out, how studies of medicine or dental medicine are tricky and challenging. The system of studies at university is very different from the system at the secondary school – self-study, determination and ability to study also at Friday evenings are the most important elements of success.

We asked Danielle, the student of the 4th year – What is your secret to success? How did you make it to the 4th year?

She provided all 1st graders with excellent tips for improvement – and you can avoid plenty of problems if you follow the same system:

1) stay on top of your work, e.g. go through your notes after lectures if you made any, if not make one after the lecture.
2) Be consistent. It would be hard with parties ;), friends, school work and all but make a routine and keep it.
3) Be wise in choosing your friends,
4) If you don’t know, ASK! don’t make assumptions. I still don’t know things work in this uni but I always ask until I am sure.
5) I don’t like how they wait till the last minute to give information about like tests, presentation and all. No tips on that because they figure things out as the semester goes.
6) Learn Slovak, the people are nice 🙂 and it would be easier to communicate with patients
7) Don’t stand out for the wrong reasons. e.g noisy in lectures, late to seminars and practices, rude to professors, e.t.c. because the professor would remember you and it could affect you during exams or in other things.
8) Make use of the opportunities the uni has to offer. e.g Erasmus, internships, volunteer, e.t.c i am still looking for those too, so if you know any let me know 🙂