International students have option to apply for scholarships.

Here you can find overview of scholarships together with conditions (state January 2016).

1. Social scholarship

Scholarship is granted to student, who meets following criterias:

  • student is enrolled in full-time study at university in Slovakia
  • has permanent adress in Slovakia
  • has not exceeded standard length of study
  • monthly income of his/her family is not higher than substinence minumum (depends on the size of family)

Social scholarship is max. 275 € a month.

2. Academic scholarship (merit scholarship)

Academic scholarship is granted to max. 10 % best students of Faculty.  Criterias are: avarage of grades from compulsory and compulsory optional subjects in previous study years. Scholarship is about 400 €.

3. The annual Rector’s Award

Award is paid usually at the end of summer term at Faculty to students, who exemplarily represented Faculty, whose articles were published in prestigious magazines or who spread good name of Faculty in Slovakia or abroad.

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