Barbara, 2nd year of Medicine programme

It is a really great experience to study in Kosice and my dream of becoming doctor is slowly becoming true! I must admit that at the beginning I did not know much about city or country. After a while, I realised, Kosice is peaceful city where you can study without any problems!

Anna, 1st year of Medicine programme

I really like multi-culti atmosphere at Faculty of Medicine in Kosice. There are many students from different countries around the globe. You are definitely not the only foreigner here! My student team is great – we help each other a lot!

Abdulla, 5th year of General Medicine 

Košice is great city for living. I am pleased with city and people – there are really nice and helpful. I also like language which is really euphonius. What I really appreciate are our teachers – they helped me a lot since I started to study in Košice!