Recognition and transfer of completed courses (Košice)

You have decided to change your university and study at the Faculty of Medicine in Kosice, University of Pavel Jozef Safarik, Slovakia. You might have asked – what happens to my completed courses? Is it possible to recognize them or do I need to take them one more time? This article will provide you with all the answers.

1st case: Your studies were terminated or interrupted

If your studies were terminated or interrupted, you need to take an entrance exam and ask for recognition of your completed courses. Entrance exams take place twice a year (in June and August) and contain questions from biology and chemistry databanks. There are 100 questions from biology and 100 questions from chemistry (there are 600 questions in both databanks). Maximally you may get 800 points (4 points for each question), for acceptance you will need minimum 600 points.

The most important thing is to ask for recognition of your completed courses from home university. Only subjects completed within the last 5 years are taken into consideration. Only compulsory or compulsory elective study subjects can be recognised (not optional subjects).

You need to ask for official syllabuses and transcripts of records at study department at Study department of your medical faculty (there must be stamp of your faculty). Please note that you need to ask for syllabus of subjects from the year,you were studying (e.g. if you studies in 2015, syllabus must be matching). All documents submitted must be in Slovak, Czech or English language – otherwise official translation is needed.

Following documents are needed for recognition request:

You need to complete the whole process by 31st of August of requested year. There is only one intake – in September. Transfer to Summer intake is not possible. The process takes minimum 30 days so the sooner you start, the better. If the course is recognised, then you will be awarded mark E – sufficient. There is fee of 2€ per subject for submission of recognition request (max. 15€ in total).

2nd case: you are student of another university, and wish to transfer

Transfer means registration of the student from another university for study programme at the same level and the same or related study programme offered by the Faculty of Medicine in Kosice.

Great advantage of transfer is, that you do not need to take an entrance examination. Only students whose studies have not been terminated or interrupted can apply for transfer, therefore. You may be enrolled to 5th year, Winter semester. Transfers to Summer semester is not possible.

Deadline for the request is 31th of August. The request must be filled in written form, signed and submitted by a student. Documents must be in English or in Slovak – otherwise there is need to translate and verify them by a notary.

Request for transfer must contain:

  • original transcripts
  • the syllabus of the completed courses
  • the confirmation that at the time of request you are a student of the respective university
  • filled out request forms (Courses recognition forms)

Your request will be considered by guarantee of study programme and the Management of Faculty. Important things are: the sylabusses of courses in your home university and at the UPJS must be comparable (1) and they must do the same types of completion of the course (2).

This process is quite time consuming – take this into consideration. There is also option to get opinion regarding study grade from Managment of Faculty before you decide to apply for transfer. Contact us for more info and we will be glad to help you free of charge.

In case you do not meet the aforementioned requirements, you must take entrance examination (at Faculty of Medicine in Kosice, the School of medicine does not offer possibility to go to higher grade in case of transfers). Entrance examination in Košice has two parts: Biology and Chemistry part with maximum 800 points, where 555 points are required.

After successfully passing the entrance exam and submitting the recognition request of the completed courses, management of the Faculty will decide about their recognition and the year which student will be accepted to. Do not forget that deadline for submitting your request is 31th of August. Again – this is quite time intensive procedure, so try to start with application as soon as possible.

Documents that need to be submitted are:

  • original transcripts
  • the syllabus of the completed courses
  • filled out request forms