Students who would like to apply for Faculty of Medicine for academic year 2020/2021 should attend entrance examination. There is a written test – multiple choice version with 4 possible answers. You may buy a booklet with 600 questions from biology with 8 options and 600 questions from chemistry with 8 options- exactly same questions will appear at the entrance test. You may expect 100 questions from biology and 100 from chemistry – but only with 4 options.

Place: Faculty of Medicine, Trieda SNP 1, 040 11 Košice, The Slovak Republic

Date: 20th of July 2020 (deadline for application is 08.07.2020) and 27th of August 2020 (deadline for application is 10.08.2020)

Fee for entrance examination: 30€ (can be paid also online)

Deadlines: Applicants must deliver their documents to the Study Department of the Faculty of medicine two weeks before the entrance examination. Hard copies are not required.

Questions: Entrance examination consists of 100 questions from biology and chemistry. There is the database with questions issued by Faculty. We would gladly provide you with the database. Please note that questions in 2020 are the same as in 2019. You may score maximum 800 points, while 600 points is necessary for acceptance to the University.

Please contact us at for more details.

Number of admitted students in 2020: 200 for General medicine and 35 for Dental medicine

Necessary documents:

signed application form

Medical confirmation of physical and mental ability to university studies (not older than 3 months) – in English or Slovak language.

Confirmation of application and entrance exam fee payment, which is nonrefundable, for every applicant without exception

copy of passport/ID card

school leaving certificate