The Faculty of Medicine in Košice (University of Pavel Jozef Šafárik) is an institution with almost 70 years of tradition located in Slovakia. Faculty was established in 1948 and has 13 institutes, 2 clinical institutes, 39 clinics, and 2 scientific and experimental research departments. There are more than 300 teachers at the Faculty. Since the establishment of the Faculty, there have been more than 12 000 graduates.

Programs for English-speaking students have been opened in 1992, after the falling of iron curtain. International students can study the following study programs: General Medicine and Dental Medicine. Attractive are also Ph.D. and post-graduate training of health specialists. Practical training of students is performed in L. Pasteur University Hospital, which is situated next to the Faculty.

International students can study following study programs: General Medicine and Dental Medicine. Attractive are also PhD and post-graduate training of health specialists.

Faculty takes part in Statue at the Entrance of Faculty of Medicineboth national and international scientific and research activities. Modernly equipped laboratories and research centers are the base of many ongoing research words.

The Faculty of Medicine in Kosice has become very popular among students these years. The total number of international students exceeded 600 and they form around 50% of all students enrolled. They come from more than 40 countries, such as Greece, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Poland, Portugal, and Italy.

The ranking of the Faculty of Medicine, UPJS

The faculty of medicine at UPJS ranks well in the rankings for universities. According to QS Ranking 2022, it is among the best 601-650 universities worldwide. The Impact ranking from 2022 gives UPJS 400-600 position (and the 2nd position within Slovakia) and the Best ranking ranks UPJS in 22nd place among universities from Central Europe (Slovakia, Poland, Hungary and the Czech Republic).

According to the Academic Ranking and Rating agency that compares the quality of educational institution in Slovakia, the Faculty of Medicine in Košice is among TOP 3 faculties on a national level. Last year, Faculty fit in 2nd place (1st place – Jessenius Faculty of Medicine, Martin), which constitutes great success.

The form of exams at UPJS in Kosice

Students take written and oral exams in most subjects. There are also subjects (such as anatomy) where students write small tests every 2nd or 3rd week and get marks for their final evaluation. The practical part of exam is usual in some exams from General medicine (typically physiology) and in Dental medicine (where practical exams are conducted during the semester and are required to enter the final exam). Evaluation varies from A-F (A equals to 1, B equals to 1,5, C equals to 2, D equals to 2,5, E equals to 3 and F equals to 4 – failed), credit tests are either passed or failed (without mark specified). Subjects might be distributed during multiple semester (anatomy, histology, etc), where exam is required only in the last semester of the subject.

The recent development of the Faculty of Medicine in Kosice

Unique lung ventilator developed by UPJS scientists- April 2020

Unique lung ventilator developed by UPJS scientists – April 2020

Thanks to the Structural Funds of the European Union, big investment in modern health equipment has been made. This should result in the further development of cutting-edge clinical research and publications. Thanks to extensive research, the Faculty developed its own PMLV artificial lung ventilation that was developed by University professors and scientists. It was proven that ventilators developed by UPJS medical staff have better results in saving human lives than conventional ventilators. (Link)

Recently, the main building of the Faculty of medicine, UPJS in Kosice was fully reconstructed to provide even higher standard of teaching and comfort for students.

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