6 new professors at the Comenius University

The President of Slovakia, Mr. Andrej Kiska, appointed 6 new professors on 9th November 2016 who teach at Comenius University.  The Jessenius Faculty of Medicine in Martin has 2 new professors: Prof. MUDr. Martin Péč, PhD. (CU Jessenius Faculty of Medicine), biology  and Prof. MUDr. Jana Plevková, PhD. (CU Jessenius Faculty of Medicine), normal and pathological physiology. The Faculty of Medicine in Bratislava has 2 new professors: Prof. MUDr. Jana Jurkovičová, CSc. (CU Faculty of Medicine), public health and Prof. MUDr. Branislav Kollár, PhD. (CU Faculty of Medicine), neurology.

The President held a speech after an inauguration: “I think that there can be no dispute about the fact that the quality of our schools, from kindergartens right through to universities, significantly influences what sort of country Slovakia is – the character it can have but primarily the character it wants to have.

I see role of professors as an important and irreplaceable one for future development of Slovakia. From now on your role carries the highest research and educational title that can be gained in Slovakia. Today, now more than ever, we need our universities to produce young people whose proficiency extends beyond their specialization. Young people and graduates must be able to discern facts from lies and information and reliable sources from half-truths and various forms of manipulation. They need to be virtuous and honest people: the sort of people for whom the easiest solution is not necessarily the first choice and who know that helping others and wishing them well, and not envy, are what make people happy,” said the Slovak president Mr. Kiska in his ceremonial address.

source of information: jfmed.uniba.sk