Michal Javorka, Ján Staško, Jozef Višnovský and Pavol Žúbor. These are 4 professors, that were appointed by president of Slovak Republic, Mr. Andrej Kiska. Ceromony took part on 16th of May 2016 in Bratislava, where professors from all universities and colleges were awarded this extraordinary degree.

During his speech, president was speaking also about importance of education and discussion about level and quality of education in Slovakia. There is pressure from the side of public, as well as parents, students and teachers and this pressure should not be eased. In fact, not everything may be achieved by help of politicians, who represent legislative power within state. It is role of professors, to be voice of modernisation in education system of Slovakia as well as in science and research.

“You have an opportunity to teach young people, students to be not only expert in their industry but also to do their best to become honorable, honest people, the citizens of our country and Europe. Citizens who are able to think critically, to argue, to distinguish facts from fiction to cultivate a public debate,” he added.