Cyprus is a destination, which is for many of us synonymum of a pleasant climate, sunny days and historical monuments. This shallow view is only partinally true: Cyprus is long time not only place for good holiday and relax, but also place, where undergraduates can obtain internationally recognised degree in graduate and postgraduate fields of study. Medicine, pharmacy, veterinary medicine or dentistry are getting more and more popular among international students in Cyprus.

What are the main reason, that helped Cyprus to become one of the leading educational providers in the region?

  1. Affordable costs – costs of studying in Cyprus are affordable for international students. You can meet there students from Germany, Greece, Italy, but also from Middle East countries
  2. Friendly environment – Cyprus is not big country, but is famous for its openhearted and friendly inhabitants. It does not matter, whether you are tourist or student – locals have mostly good level of English and do not have problem with answering any of your questions
  3. Internationally oriented study programs: Internationalisation is the key factor of today. Students prefer getting foreign experience before their professional life and are eager to obtain friends from all over the world. Most of programs are taught in English by world-leading prefessionals. For example, at Faculty of Medicine of Cyprus, there is 2 laureates of Nobel prices!

Studying in Cyprus is about obtaning independence, understanding of foreign culture and getting used to new challenges. One of leading teaching institute in Cyprus is European University Cyprus, which is part of Laureates Network.

What is so special about studying at the School of Medicine of EUC?

First of all, degree is internationally recognised. University is accredited and listed among TOP universities in Europe, which means, that degree is automatically recognised in countries of European Union and most countrie of world.

Secondly, model of education is balanced between theory and practice. Curriculum is system-based integrated and special stress is put on practical classes, independent learning, task-based learning and persuasion, that students should be in contact with patient from the beginning of their study.

Finally, School of Medicine European University Cyprus put a lot of effort into developing among TOP research and educational institutes in region. Whole teaching staff is interested in establishing relationship to students, teaching them how to communicate with patients and colleagues at hospitals or teaching them, how to make sound decisions under pressure.

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