School of medicine in Nicosia has been investing a lot of time, effort and money in order to build not only great teaching facilities or labolatories, but also professional teaching staff. Just few examples for all: Nobel laureate in Chemistry, Mr. Robert Hubert is professor at the School of Medicine in Nicosia. Mrs. Ada Yonath is honorary professor at the School of medicine. Professor Christos Georgiades is an associate professor of radiology and surgery from John Hopkins University and Mr. Gerhard Friehs is associate professor of neurosurgery from Medical University of Graz in Austria.

Special effort is put in ensuring, that students of medicine get the highest quality of education and teachers pay special attention to their specific needs.

Faculty of Medicine in Nicosia does not require applicants to take any entrance examination. On the other hand, they must prove their academical skills, good marks from secondary school, satisfactory level of English and display motivation for studying medicine. There is no reason to be scared – we are here to answer you all the questions and help you at any stage of your preparation for admission procedure.

3 important things to take into consideration when preparing for admission

Firstly, friendly warning: start with preparation for admission process at Faculty of Medicine in Nicosia with sufficient time reserve. It can prevent you from many problems and pitfalls later.

Do you ask why? All documents must be submitted at least 2 months prior to start of academic year.

Academic year starts in September, which means that you need to have everything prepared in July. Especially in case of submitting validated leaving certificate and marksheet with school records, count with time-consuming and long process. There are various state institutions involved in process of certification of documents and it can take more than two months, to get all required stamps on leaving certificate and marksheets.

Secondly, think about your motivation for studying at School of Medicine in Cyprus. It is something, that you will be asked during personal interview with board of Faculty. This interview is performed in Nicosia, so you can check the modern facilities of Faculty and meet teaching staff. If you are not able to come to Nicosia in person, do not worry: there is still an option to arrange a Skype meeting.

Thirdly, check twice criterias for admission. There are various requirements for applicants, such as certification for English, avarage study marks from high school and others. If you need any type of guidance, we are always available!

Final word from us? Good luck! School of Medicine is definitely institutions oriented on those, who are taking their studiums and future careers seriously. According to research performed by QS, European university Cyprus scored 4 stars of 5 for employability of their graduates. Study of medicine is not easy, but if you invest your time and effort, benefits will definitely come in the next years. We will keep our fingers crossed and looking forward to hear from you.

Which documents do I need to apply?

Completed application form that can be find on the website of University or will be gladly provided by our Agency. Applicants should not forget to sign application and pay an application fee, which is non-refundable and in height of 52€.

Official copy of school leaving certificate together with marksheet of their secondary school record. If you want to be considered applicant, your average grade must correspond to 90% or above or its equivalent in your high school leaving certificate.

Marksheet must prove, that you passed Biology and one more subject (Chemistry, Math or Physics) in your country national exams. Otherwise you will need to pass GCE A´levels in the respective subject or its equivalent.

Proof of English language skills (optional)– Faculty of medicine requires good knowledge of English language from applicants. There are two options to satisfy this requirement: either applicant provides Faculty with English certificate (GCSE or IGSCE with grade of 6.5 or TOEFL with score min. 213) or take part in English Placement Test to prove level of English speaking proficiency.

Letter of recommendation – subsequently, you should provide School of medicine with letter of recommendation from your teacher or lecturer. This recommendation should be certified from concerned school or university. If you do not know, how letter of recommendation should look like, contact us – we are more than happy to help you! Our service is free of charge.

Personal statement – every applicant should submit a personal statement in English, which outlines details of previous education, interests, goals and motivation to study medicine. Maybe it seems to be redundant, but in reality, applicant can clear his/her ideas about future career. Furthermore, with goal clearly in mind, it is much easier to pass every obstacle.

One passport photography

Copy of ID card or passport

You have succesfuly submitted everything abovestated – congratulation! What is next? 

Now you must wait for decision of Board of School of Medicine which choose those applicants, that will be invited for personal interview. Interview serves as a great opportunity not only for Board of faculty to meet applicants in person, but also to perspective students, to meet teaching staff of Facutly in Nicosia and discover facilities, labolatories or researching facilities. Interview should be performed in person, but if you are not able to come, feel free to ask for Skype interview.

What you should await at Interview with Board of Faculty?

This is question, you will definitelly ask.

Next will probably be: Should I be afraid of it? Definitely not!

But be prepared for following topics:

  • Be clear about your reasons to study medicine. This is very important for board of Faculty, since they accept students, who take their studies seriously.
  • Do not be afraid to talk about yourself. Although you may think, that your personal interests or hobbies are not related to study, it is not necessarily true. It is also way how board of Faculty in Nicosia can get more valuable information from you.
  • Have you done something extra? Tell us! This is final topic, you can be interviewed. Any educational institution loves, when they have students, who do extra work.

What is our secret tip in order to stand admission process at Faculty of Medicine in Cyprus?

There are not right answers for these questions. Be sincere and open can be great way how to convince board of faculty you are the one, they should accept you!

Application procedure seems to be a quite robust, but in fact, you need just enough time to prepare all neccessary documents and be confident about your motivation to study.

If you need any kind of help: we are always here to assist you! Write us to and lets see, how can we help you!

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